Technology Company Launch and Marketing: Website and Branding—Vault JS

Technology Company Launch and Marketing: Website and Branding—Vault JS

The Challenge

Twelve years ago, Pepper Group helped start a “Tagolution,” marketing an entirely new category of technology called a tag management system (TMS).

Tag Management enabled the rapid growth of the valuable MarTech tools that marketers rely on today, but the complex ecosystem of JavaScript tags that powered these tools opened new risks for customers' privately identifiable information (PII) to be leaked.

The industry needed a solution. So, the same team that invented tag management created another new technology category—the Digital Marketing Assurance Platform (DMAP). Once again, they turned to Pepper Group to help introduce it to the world.

The Solution

The Digital Marketing Assurance story and the solution are relatively complex concepts. Plus, the problem isn’t really on the radar of the target market. Vault JS needed to explain the issue succinctly and clearly, and communicate its new and elegant solution. Fortunately, they had the right marketing team for the job.

To visualize the issue, we created a powerful illustration that represented a typical tag ecosystem. It clearly showed the multiple third-party connections, and the associated risks that most companies are completely unaware of. It was key to also explaining the solution.

We introduced Digital Marketing Assurance at an industry show, using a blacklight to illuminate the multiple connections and risks that are otherwise unseen. A PowerPoint presentation reinforced the story and shared further details. An animated video brought it all together, along with multiple thought leadership articles, a social media campaign and an enhanced website.

The Result

Vault JS now has a clear and compelling story that is getting attention and generating interest. The company has landed a number of Fortune 500 companies as clients and is rapidly gaining traction: not only solving an important problem, but creating another entirely new category of technology solution.

Welcome to Pepper Group’s business propulsion laboratories.