Software Developer Website Design, Collateral and Video—TmaxSoft

Software Developer Website Design, Collateral and Video—TmaxSoft

The Challenge

TmaxSoft is a global software innovator founded on the principle that there is always a better way. By creating better technology solutions for mainframe rehosting, middleware and relational database management systems (RDBMS), it gives customers the freedom to take control of their technology. A 20-year-old company with offices in 20 countries, TmaxSoft recently moved its global headquarters to Chicago and was looking to refresh its brand and boost awareness throughout the global market. TmaxSoft partnered with Pepper Group to complete a branding exercise to define its global brand and go-to-market strategy. With these foundational elements in place, it was time to bring the company to life!

The Solution

Up first was a new corporate website that would establish the graphic identity for the company. It would define the new look and feel, “own” the idea of freedom and be TmaxSoft’s primary channel to introduce this new brand messaging to the market. In addition to developing the website, Pepper Group also redesigned all the company’s collateral to reflect the new look and feel. We also produced the “Imagine If” company overview video that is currently on the homepage, and will be used in future sales presentations.

The Result

The result of Pepper Group’s efforts is an interactive website that houses animations that demonstrate TmaxSoft’s unique approach to solving technology problems. A dynamic Insights section allows visitors to search for content that is relevant to them—whether that may be a case study, brochure or eBook—and serves it up throughout the site so that visitors always have access to additional information that may be crucial in their buying process.

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