Trade Show Booth & Video—Kensing

Trade Show Booth & Video—Kensing

The Challenge

Kensing, a leading manufacturer of plant-based vitamin E, plant sterols, specialty esters and high-purity anionic surfactants, wanted to step up its presence in the European market by making a big impact at in-cosmetics Global in Paris, the leading cosmetic trade show for personal care ingredients. Kensing wanted to bring attention to the personal care benefits of their plant-based vitamin E and phytosterols, and also celebrate the 100th anniversary of the discovery of vitamin E.

The Solution

What could be more “big impact” than a full video wall? We developed trade show graphics that included a large-scale video that would be the centerpiece of their booth.

We collaborated with the Kensing commercial, marketing and product teams on how to best promote their brand, as well as the category’s centennial anniversary. Armed with data about the most important product benefits, we then wrote, developed and produced the video. To reduce costs we used stock footage, complemented with dynamic titles and transitions. The result was a video that was both visually captivating and also captured the products’ unique benefits. Leaving nothing to chance, we took care of the specific details, working with local French vendors, contracting an international company to install the video wall and construct the booth, and coordinating team logistics.

In order to garner and sustain interest before, during and after the event, we also created a large number of materials. Working efficiently to maximize the available budget, we developed customer email invites to the show, social posts, email signatures, product sheets, inserts, engaging customer presentations, branded giveaway items and even helped coordinate a special 100-year celebratory happy hour event.

The Result

Kensing’s new, broader EU exposure resulted immediately in numerous connections and sales opportunities. Kensing was ecstatic with the attention they received, as trade show visitors were attracted to the larger-than-life video and impressive booth design. Custom gift bags and pens made an immediate impact, and our brochures and sell sheets left lasting impressions. The booth was so successful that Kensing used many of the same elements as a launching pad for their next show in New York.

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