Website and Branding – Schebler Chimney Systems

Website and Branding – Schebler Chimney Systems

The Challenge

Schebler Chimney Systems is part of a Quad Cities staple, The Schebler Company, which has been in business for more than 120 years. The premier manufacturer of prefabricated chimneys and engineered stacks, Schebler Chimney had a brand and a website that didn’t accurately convey their advanced approach to product quality, safety and engineering. Simply put, the outside didn’t match the inside—that is, the things that make Schebler great weren’t easy for everyone to see.

The Solution

Pepper Group first developed a full Brand Platform to articulate Schebler Chimney’s core message and proof points. Grounded in competitor research and direct interviews with employees, key customers and partners, we identified a central theme, “The Certainty of Schebler,” that spoke to the true difference that Schebler offers: the certainty of unmatched quality, expert customization and exceptional support. When it was time to bring that message to life on the new Schebler Chimney Systems website, we also worked to provide the certainty of a great user experience for site visitors and backend content managers. We developed a strategic framework for the site that would ensure “no dead ends”—always giving the visitor a next logical step to take to find the right information, insights and opportunities to directly engage with the company.

The Result

The site’s bright, bold design and compelling copy make it easier than ever to see what “The Certainty of Schebler” really means, and how that promise carries through to everything Schebler does. A robust resources section puts incredibly valuable information right at visitors’ fingertips, with an integrated search function that allows them to quickly land on what they need. The “find a distributor” section helps customers quickly find their local Schebler rep. Built in WordPress using best practices and smart solutions for content management, it’s also easy for content managers to keep the site updated with fresh content. Everything is built to be informative, engaging and most of all, useful. Additionally, we continue to expand Schebler's new brand into additional touchpoints such as brochures, social media, customer communications and digital ads.

See the website here: scheblerchimney.com/

“Pepper Group is the best of the best! Everything we do is carefully thought through, with a good reason for why we are going to do it. There is a long-term plan as well as a short-term plan. It is a pleasure to work with them. They think outside of the box to come up with creative solutions!”
Matt Anderson, Product & Marketing Manager, Schebler Chimney Systems

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