Website – Trace Genomics

Website – Trace Genomics

The Challenge

Trace Genomics is a pioneer in the use of hi-definition genomic sequencing, machine learning and data science to activate the hidden insights in soil. If that sounds like a deeply science-focused, technical message that relies heavily on brilliant people working in an advanced lab using state-of-the-art equipment and innovative methodologies…that’s because it is. However, Trace had a website that barely scratched the surface of communicating how their unique capabilities ultimately provide meaningful value to their customers—and they needed to fix that, fast.

The Solution

Pepper Group worked closely with the team at Trace to identify not only what was missing from the previous website, but also the key messages that needed to be communicated clearly and concisely on the new site. We arrived at a structure that makes it easy for their key audiences—agronomists and farmers, ag product developers and companies with agricultural goods in their supply chains—to see how Trace’s unmatched, holistic view of the soil can help them make real, impactful decisions to improve soil wellness, manage product selection and placement, and achieve sustainability goals. Trace had developed a new positioning line, “Precision Soil Insights. Activated,” which we brought to life throughout the site copy. And we took a completely fresh approach to the site’s design, giving Trace a new visual brand that marries their deep scientific integrity with their tangible impact in the field.

The Result

It was a tall order on a short timeline, but by working very collaboratively with our client and digging in with curiosity, urgency and creativity, we developed a new site that helps customers, prospects and potential partners understand and engage with the company. Built in WordPress with an eye toward ongoing updates and content management, it also has a strong technical foundation that will support future product launches, company growth and new opportunities. The design and copy direction launched with this site is now being carried forward in a variety of new materials for Trace, from office décor to sales tools to social media.

See the website here: tracegenomics.com

“Jessie and the talented team at Pepper Group knocked this project out of the park for us. They put in the work up front to really get to know the Trace Genomics team and our values. This all came shining through in the pitch-perfect design and beautiful messaging employed to articulate our value proposition and story in a fresh and exciting way on our completely redesigned website. The smooth launch was further testament to Pepper Group's overall attention to detail throughout the entire process.”
Pat Dumstorff, Product Lead, Trace Genomics

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