Meet the Peppers

Dee Lee


Dee has lived in Korea, Vietnam, the UK, and Denmark—but we’re fortunate she’s decided to settle in Chicago. Our resident world traveler brings an international flair to our offices thanks to her many global adventures and worldly graphic design skills. With degrees and work experiences stretching across Asia and Europe, the only thing that flies more than Dee’s fingers across her Mac keyboard, is Dee herself.

Tim Padgett

Founder & CEO

Todd Underwood

Interactive Director

Kim Gallo

PR Specialist

Lynn Ankele

Production Artist/Coordinator

George Couris


Amanda Zindel

Senior Account Manager

Dee Lee


Melissa Troha

Account Director

Denise O'Neill

Co-Founder, Vice President & Finance Director

Joe Whittington

Designer/Interactive Developer

Brian Erickson

Design Director

Allan Woodrow

Copy Director

Cindy Wojdyla

Vice President & Creative Director